Fee List

Adult Counseling                                                                                                           $ 150/ hourly                                                                                                                ** Prices may vary according to method of payment**                                                                                                                                

Clinical Assessment                                                                                                        $500.00

  • (1.5-2-hour interview with a psychologist)

  • Complete several self-reporting scales

  • A written report detailing the personal, medical, educational and social history

  • The report will also include a diagnosis

Psychological/ Educational Assessment (10 hours minimum)                  $3000.00

  • Testing appointments (average of 3 hours per appointment)

  • Scoring assessment and report writing

  • Debrief of the final report (average 1 hour) with client, parents, or school

  • 1 client copy of the final assessment report

  • Assistance with Disability Tax Credit + FSCD (application and letters)

Neuropsychological Assessment                                                                     $3500.00

  • The query for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

  • Autism Spectrum Level 2-3

  • Assessment for Traumatic Brain Injury- motor vehicle accident

Risk Assessment                                                                                             $3500.00

  • Complete forensic and psychological assessment to determine the risk of reoffending

Parenting Assessment (for court)                                                                    $8000.00

  • Individual assessments of all family members

  • Completion of risk assessment of both parents


Refugee Assessment                                                                                               $1700.00

  • Testing Appointments

  • Scoring assessment and Report Writing

  • Letter to Lawyer – Detailed explanation of life before & after arrival to Canada

  • Standardized Assessments – Suffered any effects

  • Detailed Letter – Court Hearing describes diagnosis and treatment

MVA Assessment                                                                                                       $5000.00

  • Neuropsychological Assessment (3 hours per appointment)

  • Letter to Insurance – Request 20 Appointments

  • Scoring and Testing appointments

  • Debrief of the final report (average of 1 hour) with clients