Psychoeducational Assessment

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At Willow Creek Psychology we work with children and adolescents to assist with adjustment, behavioural, educational and developmental problems. We provide thorough detailed assessments ​that find answers to difficult questions about childhood problems. 


  • Psycho-educational Testing to determine diagnosis of learning , behavioral and developmental problems 

  • IQ testing for entry into private schools

  • Educational evaluation

  • Behavioural, developmental, and learning disability testing

  • Assessments for Developmental Problems like Autism , Fetal Alcohol Exposure , ​

Behavioural and Developmental Aide directly billed to agencies.


Psychologist-supervised unique behavioural programs

  • We will create an Individual Service Plan (ISP)

    • A realistic goal-oriented plan for  the improvement of speech, motor skills, social skills, and emotional development

  • We offer the option of working in your home, or in our counselling centre

  • The behavioural aide will work with the child (and parents) using activities specific to the goals described in each area of the ISP