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You are here looking for answers to common mental health problems that are persisting and causing problems in your life.  

These problems may be affecting your relationships, your moods, your work, your finances, your health, your safety and you want to change. You've tried everything and nothing helps.

Changing habits and problem behaviors and sticking with it isn't easy. We all struggle daily to solve problems and when they seem to be overwhelming we get lost in frustration, blaming and shutting down and thinking there is no way out. 


These problem behaviors are called anxiety, depression, personality, mood, and thought disorders and are often masked by our numbing behaviors. We numb-out by overeating, substance abuse, gambling, video addictions and don't get to the source of the problem. 


At Willow Creek, we treat people with problems who are looking for in-depth assessment and treatment to facilitate the permanent change. Don't worry about having the answers, we will work together to find the solutions that create a plan for success. We are proud of the success that our clients have achieved and look forward to assisting you. 

Our intake appointments are FREE, call us at 403-454-5388, text 403-333-8618 or email at to speak with a psychologist and book an appointment.


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