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Patricia L Lett

Registered psychologist

Welcome to Willow Creek Psychology


                                                                                  Let Us Help!

 If you are checking us out, you have probably been referred by a friend, your doctor or lawyer or maybe you found us on a list of providers that your health benefits company gave you. You might have found us because we are close to your neighbourhood and we operate out of a house just like yours. Finding us is the first step to walking in the right direction.


Most people come to find a psychologist because they have a problem that is interfering with their life.   I have focussed my career on solving problems with psychological techniques that have proven to be helpful to clients and their families. These techniques are assessment, education,  intervention and finally therapy and maintenance. 

I believe that assessment is the first step in finding the answer to your problem and provides that important information needed to build interventions and resources to solve the problem. The final step is applying therapy to assist in moving past the problem to create permanent change.  This change follows the in-depth assessment that allows us to uncover the source of your distress.   We use these techniques with children, teens, adults, couples, and families in our small office settings. 

I am asked many times what Willow Creek specializes in and the answer is people. People with everyday problems and who might have trauma or disabilities that make the problems more complex. We make psychology more human by treating the whole person and not only the disorder. People are unique and therefore require an individual approach to restoring health based on our individual assessment and best practice interventions. 


Treating the whole person means providing assistance in navigating the world of supports and making the applications to the programs and benefits that are provided for you based on diagnosis and treatment. Yes, that is right, we will provide a diagnosis and detailed report based on your assessment that can be shared with your school, doctor, lawyer, family,  Service Alberta and the CRA.

Willow Creek is proud of our success in assisting people in solving their mental health problems and working with them to create a better life through the use of Psychology.  We offer an introductory session at no charge to discuss your individual needs and financial resources. 


We specialize in helping people and we'd like to help you too.

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