What is a psychological assessment ? Do I need one?

Why should I have a psychological assessment?

If you have tried everything for yourself , your child or family members and nothing seems to be helping resolve your personal and psychological problems; it is often a very good idea to plan to have a psychological assessment.

You do not need a referral to see a psychologist for an assessment or counselling.

In- depth assessments can determine many disorders that are often disguised as behaviors like hyperactivity, moodiness, lack of motivation, social problems, oppositionality (arguing, fighting), attention seeking, self harm, addiction and anxiety and depression.

Assessments will, in most cases, determine why a person is struggling and strategies, resources and treatment that will assist in recovery.

If you see an assessment psychologist for an assessment you will undergo a series of tests to determine how you compare to the average person over several areas. By completing tests that cover Intelligence, Behaviors, Moods, Learning and Thinking ; psychologists can determine if you meet a diagnosis. When it is determined that you have met diagnosis a detailed report is written to describe your test results, your diagnosis and follow up resources and treatment plans.

Most assessments take many hours to complete and have similar costs to other medical tests that are paid for you by Alberta Health . Psychological services are covered by personal benefit plans and many are now able to be directly billed through your psychologist.

Alberta Blue Cross, Great West Life and Greenshield are companies that currently have a direct billing arrangement with Psychologists in Alberta.

Willow Creek Psychology has completed thousand of assessments with all ages since 2005 We continue to update and refine our testing process with new instruments and technology in line with best psychological practises. Assessment can be completed from ages 2 to 100 years. Willow Creek completes several kinds of assessments to meet your specific needs with varying fee structures.

Call for your free intake appointment to discuss your options . Willow Creek Psychology 403-454-5388 or info@willowcreekfamily.org

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