What should we do when children are hurt?

When children fall down and get hurt, we rush to their sides to comfort them and bandage up the wounds. We treat their cuts and burns with ointments , cold water or ice , bandages and kiss it better or rush them to the emergency ward .

Generations of parents have treated their children in this way and it comes naturally to them . When children have hurt feelings parents are often lacking skills to help them feel better and repair their hurts.

Children's emotional upsets are often ignored by parents or even treated with discipline .

Children's emotional hurts can be addressed by caring parents and caregivers by following similar steps as you would for a physical injury.

When we stop the bleeding and fix the broken bones we allow the healing to begin and the lower the risk of chronic or permanent disability. The same holds true for hurt feelings . When we stop the emotional upset and pain we can allow healing and emotional repair to begin . You can often avoid chronic disorders like behavior problems , anxiety , depression and personality problems ,if they are responded to in the moment with caring and thoughtful responses.

Leaving children to solve their own emotional problems can create long lasting deep emotional hurts that may require extensive repair in later years.

New educational parenting programs and therapy are moving towards teaching parents how to deal with childrens emotional upsets in ways that improve the child's ability to cope. The life long skills that you can learn to teach children will improve their chances at becoming stable healthy individuals.

At Willow Creek Psychology we are assist parents in learning the steps to use when assisting children with emotional problems .Call today to set up your no -cost initial consultation. LET US HELP !

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