What are the best therapies used by psychologists?

There are many theories that have developed in counselling psychology used to assist clients in the treatment of their mental, social and emotional problems. There are theories that have fallen in and out of favor over the years, with therapists and their clients. Certain theories like cognitive behavioral therapies have been used to address specific problems like depression and mood disorders.

Research has shown that the most common predictor of success in therapy is not the specific therapy used but the relationship with the counselor. The therapeutic relationship that is established almost immediately upon meeting with the client is the biggest predictor of the client successfully reaching their goals.

If you attend counselling and do not immediately feel that you are supported by the psychologist and have genuine feelings of hope that your problem can be resolved satisfactorily, you should look for another professional to counsel you. The positive relationship that you have with your counsellor is the most important part of receiving help and achieving your desired life goals. If you don’t feel supported by your counsellor inform them and ask them to refer you to another professional. Always address your concerns directly and immediately.

At Willow Creek Psychology we work hard to offer supportive and open therapeutic relationships with our clients . We understand that it is difficult to ask for help and we want you to comfortable and feel that we can help you . Let us Help. Contact us at 403-454-5388 or info@willowcreekfamily.org

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