Christmas again ?


Why do I feel sad during the during holiday seasons? I find myself getting teary when I sing carols and attend concerts when I am happy. How can I stop feeling this way?

Often the joy and excitement that we feel as children around the holiday season becomes an expectation as we grow older

As we age we experience disappointment and traumas throughout our life that may be brought forward into our consciousness by our senses.

Our five senses can trigger feelings that remind us of times and people, come and now gone. The grief felt in the past can return.

It is important to notice overwhelming emotions and allow yourself to feel. Pushing the feelings away may cause you to become numb to all feelings good and bad.

Creating a special time for feelings in private can allow yourself a safe place to honour your grief and let go. If this season brings you the blues seek professional help and feel better.

At Willow Creek Psychology we help people to address their grief and trauma by using Self -Regulation therapy . BY attending a series of counselling sessions people can begin to notice what is happening when they feel out of control. Dont allow the season to hurt . Let us help, Patricia

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