Why am I so unlucky?

Why does it seem that I have so many more problems than other people?

Life is difficult. Many people believe that life should be easy and something is wrong with them if they find life difficult. They believe each problem is a personal failure and they are afflicted with some kind of bad luck or punishment. The truth is however that life is a series of problems that need to be solved on a daily basis. Everyone is challenged by problems the only difference is the size and complexity . Getting stuck in the belief that we are afflicted with problems keeps us from having a happy life.

It is not easy to confront and solve problems. Many times the emotions that come up when you face problems can be those of frustration fear, sadness, guilt, anger, regret or despair. It is important that we develop tools to face these emotions as we solve problems.

Avoiding problems instead addressing them can make us acquire new issues such as anxiety and depression . In time, these other problems grow into psychological disorders that are much more difficult than the original problems themselves. They can become a chronic mental illness and stop us from growing , developing and enjoying our lives and relationships.

Recognizing that all problems are a part of life and that we can learn and develop strategies to handle whatever problems come in our life, is the first step to recovery. Meeting with a psychologist to develop these skills and growing healthier is always recommended. It is never too late to change how we handle challenges and problems.

Willow Creek Psychologists are trained professionals who help clients through a series of therapy appointments and assessments , to change their behavior and develop new skills for effective problem solving. Willow Creek Psychology is prepared to work with all ages and families.

Willow Creek accepts all insurance and most of them can be directly billed . Willow Creek Psychology is accepting new clients and is located in your community. Call today 403 455 5388

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